so i’ve been dreaming about this blog for about a year now. and on the account of 2016 being my personal Year of Yes, here i finally am. initiating the rebirth of another creative outlet. welcome to my space. where words will be written as i learn, unlearn, and evolve in this wild, everchanging thing called life. hashtag yolo.

i have so much to say these days. so I started a(nother) blog. Shoutout to livejournal and xanga, circa 2008…old memories floating out there somewhere. i’m back now tho, indefinitely is the goal. soooo… heyyy It’s me. for those that know me personally may know that i have a few different sides to me (i’m a gemini…what do you expect :P) although there are many faces, i am, at the core, the same. too real and full of TMI (what’s life without TMI tho?), silly, sensitive, and an adventurer. as i approach 30 (ahhhhwhuut), i feel my passions jumping more and more out of my skin. i’m in love with self-care routines (face masks ftw) and self-celebration, traveling (AND trip planning), cooking (healthy meal prep, comfort foods, sweets), home decor, crafting, bargains, writing, reading, setting goals, and making lists. in my later 20s i’ve begun the journey back to carefree me aka the best me. i’m into alone time (note: this is introvert-speak) but good times with the right people are up my alley too. self-love is the best love. i’m all about investing in yourself, doing what you love and doing it now. xo

here’s a breakdown of what you’ll find here.

REFLECTION aka the blog in its entirety
the main squeeze. posts on living, learning, loving, roaming, celebrating. everything, including posts re: SATIATION & CREATION (see below).

and if you’re here for a specific purpose, go ahead and delve through food posts (aka SATIATIONdaily eats, fave recipes, some healthy, some not so much. balance tho) or crafty posts (CREATIONtidbits of scrapbooking, home DIY decor, homemade gifts, and more).