ciao bella tho

sooo italy was good to us. the first thing that comes to mind are those delicious ass tramezino sandwiches we discovered first in venice. they ran about €2.00 on average and were so tasty. the bread alone was like a soft pillow of happiness to where it almost did not matter what was in the sandwich. wine was also dirt cheap here. so was pasta. PRAISE BE. prosecco and spritz are the specialities and typically sold for €2.50 or so. as for pasta, i bought a bag of precooked gnocchi for under €2.00. we were really winning in venice.

it was a nice change of pace to travel solely by foot and boat on the island. tons of alleyways and walkways to explore. we started each day at the same local cafe near our home- they made fresh juice and offered a typical venetian breakfast of pastries. our air bnb was actually in Venezia, a 15-20 minute bus ride from Venice. reasons being, cost and availability. we purchased a two-day pass which let us on any ferry across or off the island. our second day we ventured to smaller islands of burano and murano. burano is known for its colorful houses attracting tons of people snapping photos on their front porch. murano is known for lace-making.

things we skipped in venice: gondola ride. shoulda coulda woulda lol. climbing the bell tower. lines were crazy. two things on our list if we ever go back.


ROME. rome rome rome. man…i was the least interested in rome out of all our destinations. which explains how pleasantly surprised i was with its offerings. per expected the pizza did not disappoint. gelato was the best i will ever have. jesus lord. my fave was from a chain called Flor. it’s got only a few locations in this world, and i have plans to visit them all. good lordt. besides that, i was really impressed at the roman vibe. we were told that it was fast-paced, some folks likening it to NY in relation to the rest of the US. we literally dodged cars while walking in the crosswalk, got so lost bc google maps didn’t register all of the construction that blocked off major streets. the city was so busy! at one point, we had to crawl down a makeshift hill under a construction barrier to get to the other side of the street. i mean, when in rome…

the colosseum was breathtaking. so surreal. the tour is a must-do. the trevi fountain was a hot tourist mess with police guards. but we did witness a proposal! later we hiked up to granciolo hill to peep the “skyline”. it was a little intense when the street lights went out, but we made it. walking around at night felt relatively safe. plenty of folks around, and the nightlife (although we did not partake) seemed alive and well. rome was a blast.


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