if it doesn’t fit

…get rid of it. this has been my motto since we moved back. before moving to NY, i packed my condo into storage: furniture and many many bins of clothes. in NY, my closet multiplied. and then there’s his existing items as well. even though we donated a tonnn of furniture and clothes, we were AND STILL ARE bulging at the seams with…stuff.

actually, this motto started to sink in when we got on our first flight into europe. my back was already starting to hurt and my arm struggled to drag a heavy bag onto the plane, through the airport, and so on. at that point i questioned why we brought/have so much stuff. i honestly could have gotten by on a few pairs of leggings, a couple of shirts, and underwear. laundry was available in every city we went to anyhow. but i digress…we lugged our stuff everywhere, on/off trains, in busy streets, on planes, trains, everywhere. after having to repack in london, we were both ready to throw some clothes away.

so flashforward to now, after doing adequate google, netflix, and social media research over the past year or so, i am finally entering the beginning stages of living minimally. living with purposeful items. if it doesn’t fit or serve a purpose, it’s out. going through my old clothes was both liberating and frustrating as A) many of the clothes i no longer could fit (NY was good to me in the cuisine dept) and B) i could start to focus on the items that made me feel comfortable and more ME without all the excess hubbub. we gave about two cars worth of stuff to goodwill. and we continue to have a packed closet. the kitchen, tho. shooot….we have only what we need. no duplicate pots and pans, no extra mugs/cups/glasses. okay maybe a few…but definitely less than we had. and it feels good.

i plan to continue this trend of minimalism in all aspects of life. eliminating mental and physical clutter to focus on the things that really matter. feels lighter that way.


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