Scenic Route Part Deux: ¡Bonjour!

so PARIS was amazing! we took the eurostar from king’s cross station in london. couldn’t have timed our train trip any better because stepping off the metro in paris into our first parisian sunset…unreal. the homogeneous architecture omg. everything looked so ornate. we checked into our air bnb then walked to the nearest open restaurant. ate at Le Tout Petit: lasagne was sooo good. chocolate mousse for dessert. it was about 11 when we headed out to the Trocadero to see the eiffel. exiting the metro, i expected to be able to see the tower but that wasn’t the case. it was completely covered by buildings which definitely increased the anticipation. i’ll never forget seeing the eiffel that night. soo surreal. even at midnight, there were a handful of folks out enjoying the views of the tower from a distance. we sat and watched the light show (sparkling lights 5 minutes every hour) until the lights went off at 1am.

our home was in the 17th arrondissiment. no complaints really, it took an average amount of time to get to places we had on our must see list. i highly recommend having a balcony for the complete paris experience. we had a pseudo-balcony…meaning it looked like one but there was no room to step out or sit.

the arc de triomphe was complete chaos. there’s about 5 lanes of cars that drive in the roundabout with no absolutely designation of lanes. we experienced this via cab and by foot.

foods we tried: FRENCH toast, FRENCH fries, FRENCH crepes, and foie gras. all except the latter were noteworthy. i’m not into gamey meat so this was expected. french toast was from a tourist spot (Ladurée) but lived up to the hype. foie gras was consumed at another place supported by tourism (Le Comptoir de la Gastronomie). french style crepes were something else. so crispy and so filling. i will admit that i got tired of eating french dinner food tho. would liked to have explored other cuisines, but i mean…we were in france so why not experience french cuisine. there was, however, a domino’s pizza a few blocks from our building that i had my eye on. (ya can’t take the basic out of me)

i like to take public transportation (as long as its reliable and safe) when traveling for two reasons: 1) i’m cheap and 2) it increases the authenticity of the experience. that being said, our legs got a workout in paris for sure. soooo many stairs and walkways to get from point A to B. i took a video of the path we took when transferring from one train to another, in the same station; it was at LEAST 2 minutes of winded-walking.

oh, i forgot to mention in the initial post that we were exposed to this reality in some parts of europe: not all bathrooms are free. what?? i have to pay to pee? get out of here. this happened in london at king’s cross station, and again at the train station in paris. i had been holding it in for some time, and quickly ran into the bathroom, only to be clapped at by a lady at the front of the bathroom not so kindly asking me for 1.50€. nah. i walked right out. mainly because we hadn’t gotten our £ changed into €. i don’t think this happened anywhere else in paris, but it definitely happened again in italy and we were not amused.

we checked out the louvre. well, the outside at least. museums are hit or miss, mostly miss, for me. plus the crowds, so yea no. we also attempted the d’orsay. it was free museum day so you already know. we did not have the time nor patience. for a skyline view, we trekked to the montmarte district up to Basilica du Sacre-Coeur de Montmartre. was pretty cool despite not being able to see the eiffel.

soooomehow we ended every night at the eiffel tower and i was not mad. and i may or may not have planned it. it was so dreamy. no lies.

i think that’s it for now. i’m too excited to post these pictures. reliving this part of the trip has given me all the feels.


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