taking the scenic route home: part I

sometimes i laugh at the crazy ideas that pop into my head that i end up speaking into existence. like the idea to pack up our NY apt into a moving truck the day before flying overseas for a 2.5 week excursion, fly back to NY to pick up our fur baby, then hop on a final flight to california. 7 flights, 1 train, 5 air bnb’s, and 2 unexpected layovers later, we are finally home. it’s been a wild ride. transformative to say the least.

i wanted to jot down some highlights from LONDON (because i’m already starting to forget details…meh).

our first jetlagged day was interesting. it became immediately evident that we brought waaay too much stuff (i’ll touch on this in another post) as we each lugged a 20lb rolling suitcase and a overstuffed backpack through the metro stations and busy intersections. by the time we reached our air bnb, we were both ready to throw away some of our clothes lol. food pretty much everywhere was satisfying. i appreciated the abundance of healthy dining options. fish and chips was lovely. i’d been told to try indian food while here, so we found a place and omg it did not disappoint: dishoom. it’s a chain, but so so good. we got in on our second attempt.

fact: i’m in love with british accents. ugh, it just adds so much appeal to the english language. words just sounded more polite, light hearted, and fun. “do you mind just popping that sweatah on during take-off?”…”darling, would you ask your gentleman to fetch me by bag?”… “cheers!” ugh…i can’t.

ITINERARY. we stayed the longest here: 4 days. intentionally, because i wanted to make sure we got adjusted to the new time zone and had some time to settle before traveling again. day 1 we hit the touristy spots (e.g. big ben, tower bridge), day 2 we did the harry potter tour (in watford, near london), day 3 we saw the changing of the guards and did happy hour at the sky garden, day 4 we trekked to the infamous abbey road, then it was off by train to paree. qui qui!


i thought i could start and finish blogging on this trip in one sitting. who am i kidding? lol later gator.

t o   b e   c o n t i n u e d….


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