how’s that for real

ya, the title is a drake reference. and a parallel to my growth this past year or so. felt compelled to write tonight. inspired by, idk, life. january was a tough month for me. but what are flowers without rain?

so, real quick. i can’t tell you how many books/articles/quotes/memes i’ve searched high and low for about…simply, not caring so much about other’s opinions. aka not giving a damn. seriously, there is already way too much going on in my life to worry about what this person or that person thinks of me. i don’t have time to sit and consider how my life choices may or may not affect others. because they usually don’t. it really is that simple. this literally clicked circa one day ago for me. i’ve legit spent my entire life catering my behaviors, or dwelling on how small things i did affected others. not OK.

life’s too short to focus on anything other than what makes you happy (and what pays the bills..or what makes your people happy). but you get my drift. i’m so quick to steer away from things not in those categories – a definite blessing and a curse. but quality over quantity. i am loving more and more what i choose to keep in my life.

gotta continue to keep it real. what’s real will stick around.


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