these 5 things have saved my life, time & time again

below are some game changers that work for me, either to stay on track or get back on track with life, goals, and whatnot.

  1. lists. the ONLY way i can get things done is by writing a list. i’m one of those folks who add something to a list, just to cross it off. crossing things off just feels soo good. small gains lead to greatness. i got daily lists, monthly lists, yearly lists, vacation lists, and 3-year lists…#uNameIt.
  2. exercise. SUCH a drug. 75% of the time i have to pep talk myself into giving my muscles some work, and ESPECIALLY to complete the entire workout, but man, who can deny the feeling after a workout? on. top. of. the. world.
  3. writing. pen to paper, or fingers to keys. shoot, it’s 2017, put that voice-to-text feature to some use. trust me when i say this is straight therapy. i start and words flow. eventually i come to some resolution whether that be, “soo why am I caring about this again?” or “ahh, i see why I’m trippin.”
  4. traveling. the feeling when i step off a plane or train in new land is indescribable. i get so much life from exploring places outside of the routine. seeing how others live gives perspective, plus…who doesn’t like trying new foods? not this girl.
  5. a good ‘ol laugh. laughing with others is probably my favorite human interaction. in millennial speak, that’s: LOL. LOLZ. LMAO. LMFAO. LMBO. ROFL. Laughing with tears emoji. a shared laugh brings us together. having a bad day? find a youtube video and just laugh. it may not cure the day, but it will certainly trick your brain for a bit, which may make getting out of your funk a little easier. can’t laugh? start with a smile. can’t smile? uh, yes you can…fake it until you make it. your brain will thank you.

2 responses to “these 5 things have saved my life, time & time again

  1. You are a girls after my own heart. I’m so into lists and def writing something on it just to cross it off. Above are all my coping mechanisms !

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