learning to dance

the other day i decided to “bust a move” in the living room after a late dinner. it was way past my bedtime aka when the silliness usually kicks in. this was a rare occurrence, the dancing. i pranced around energetically, pretending to know what i was doing. it was then that i received solicited commentary on my “performance”, if you could even call it that: “it was good, babe, but…you’re a little stiff,” he voiced. bless him for sparing my feelings because i KNOW what that ridiculousness looked like. let’s file this under…When You Know Something About Yourself But Hope Others Don’t Take Full Notice.

while polishing my dance moves (aka not relying on my goto 2-step) has always been a goal of mine, i’d like to work on my ability to dance through life more gracefully. change has always been a struggle for me. saying Yes head-on to change has helped some, but there are definitely some areas of change i am still stiff about. mostly all of them, but hey who’s counting. in 2017 (and beyond), i vow to find better ways to cope with change. allowing myself to feel all of the emotions that arise with change, rather than run from them. one of my favorite quotes of the season is this: It’s okay to have a meltdown. Just don’t unpack and live there. change is so necessary to constantly evolve into better versions of you. it’s the only constant thing in this world. 2016 was a fun year that took me outside of aaall of my comfort zones. with 2017 being a continuation of major changes, here’s to going forward with a fresh perspective. xo


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