new carbs, who dis?

the other day i tried a new vegetable dish. honestly…not all my first-time dishes turn up amazing but this one definitely deserves a shout out. not my first rodeo with cauliflower tho. i’ve experimented with pizza crust (pretty darn good) and fried “rice” (let’s just say i’ll need to try a different recipe). but this one…whooooee.


i wish i saved more pictures from the process, but it was super simple. i saved time and bought pre-cut cauliflower rice from costco ($3.99 for 2 good-sized bags & blessings to my mom for the costco membership! ) i also forgot to get peanuts on my grocery run, so those were left out. chose raw honey over maple syrup – seemed more fitting. and it turned out amazing. tasted nothing like nasty caulifower. i paired it with tilapia cooked in leftover coconut milk & my go-to seasonings (cajun, pepper, and turmeric).


i’m here for this.


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